Oil and Gas Field Injuries

Oil and Gas Field Injuries
Texas has its dangers, one of which is the dangerous profession of working in Texas oil and gas fields. Injuries are far too common in this industry. In fact, one of the most dangerous occupations in the US is working in oil and gas fields. Risks to workers include falls, chemical burns, heavy equipment injuries, falling objects, and explosions.

Oil and gas field injuries are on-the-job injuries with shared safety considerations as well as unique legal considerations of their own. Working an oil or gas related case is a bit different than working on a typical workers comp case. You need Brownsville attorneys who understand the nuances and legal issues involved. We have the expertise and experience and can help you recover from a legal standpoint.

An injury sustained on an oil or gas field is often costly and it isn’t always easy to determine the cause. Oil and gas field workers often suffer from:

  • Burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Smoke inhalation
  • Dismemberment
  • Head injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Death


When physical recovery is possible, the process is often long and expensive. Some workers may be permanently disabled while others die from their injuries. Workers and their survivors need an advocate looking out not only for today’s legal issues and medical bills but for the future. If you’ve been severely injured on the job and may never work again, your financial future is at stake in Brownsville.

Attorneys help you to determine who is responsible, whether multiple parties should share liability, whether unsafe conditions were present, whether equipment malfunctioned, whether product defects are to blame, whether training was adequate, the list goes on. . . We can help you from the moment you call us by providing you with a free consultation. Once on your case, we will investigate the circumstances surrounding your oil field injury and take your case to the next level.

Too many Texas oil and gas field workers are injured and killed on the job. Many of these injuries and deaths are preventable. Should you fall victim, let us help you hold your employer or the manufacturer of malfunctioning equipment accountable. We will work diligently to determine the cause and hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for your loss and future expenses. While unpleasant, many worker lawsuits are unavoidable, especially if injuries impact your future earnings potential. Let use help you during this difficult time. Unsafe working conditions are rampant in the oil and gas industry and you may be suffering as a result.