Product Liability

Day in, day out, we use products. We assume that these products are safe. After all, they wouldn’t sell us unsafe products, would they? Unfortunately, yes, unsafe products are sold all the time. Unsafe products are found everywhere: in the grocery stores, in office buildings, in cars, in equipment, and even the clothes we wear! Whether a small appliance overheats and explodes or a critical part in your car fails, product liability should be explored. Manufacturers can be held accountable for product failures, either fully or partially.

Full product liability claims involve products that failed and caused damages as the result of the failure while partial product liability claims involve accidents that were made worse by product defects. For example, let’s say that a house fire started because of a defective power cord. In this case, the fire was caused by the defect. On the other hand, what if a house fire started because of a lightning strike? No one is to blame for Mother Nature’s wrath, right? But what if the built-in sprinkler system was defective and failed? While the sprinkler didn’t cause the fire, its failure contributed to the loss and the manufacturer may be partially liable for your damages.   

Product liability claims are often overlooked, especially with partial claims. In addition to actual defects, manufacturers are charged with anticipating how their products will be used by consumers, even if consumers use the products in ways for which they were not designed. If you used a product for a purpose other than its intended use and were injured as a result, you may have a legitimate product liability claim.

Let an experienced product liability lawyer from Brownsville evaluate your claim, regardless of the apparent cause. Not only is it important to hold manufacturers accountable so that you can recover your personal losses, pursuing a product liability case is important to the safety of others as well. Defects rarely affect a single product; they often affect an entire lot. Chances are high that if your product failed, other products manufactured at the same time will fail, too. Consumers filing product liability cases against manufacturers can make a difference in their own lives as well as the lives of other consumers.

The products that we use should be safe. Unfortunately, they aren’t always. Brownsville attorneys specialize in helping area residents hold manufacturers accountable for the safety of their products. Let us help you, too.