Civil Litigation

Brownsville attorneys regularly represent clients in a variety of civil lawsuits with cases as varied as business disputes and breach of contract to insurance litigation and oil lease disputes. While many conflicts are easily solved outside a courtroom, others escalate and must be settled through mediation, meetings with attorneys, or in a court of law. Here at our Brownsville Attorneys law office, we want to help you with your civil cases. Going to court may or may not be the right choice for your case. In fact, it may be the last resort. Other options can lead to a mutually satisfying resolution. With a Brownsville attorney at your side, you can explore those options while having your rights protected.

We’ve seen it all with civil cases and have a firm belief that problems can be solved if approached properly. We try to keep the “civil” in civil litigation and work diligently to come to an agreeable outcome for both parties. Many cases are settled out of court which is desirable because court is emotionally strenuous and expensive. That said, some civil cases are simply destined for the courtroom. It could be based on the nature of the case, the other side’s refusal to budge, or all alternatives have been exhausted. Should your civil case need to play out in court, having Brownsville attorneys on your side representing your interests and aggressively fighting for you is essential. You need representation and we are ready to provide you with the representation that best solves your civil problem. Count on Brownsville attorneys for legal help with:

  • Civil lawsuits
  • Disputes with neighbors
  • Business disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Oil lease disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Contract disputes
  • Rental agreement disputes

We offer free civil lawsuit consultations, so it doesn’t cost you a cent to find out if we can help you. Call Brownsville attorneys today and find out what we think the best course of action should be. Whether you have a simple problem that can be mediated with the help of an attorney or a complex civil litigation problem that should be solved in front of a judge, we are here to help you navigate the complexities of civil law. You may only be involved in a civil suit once in your lifetime; we solve legal problems every day. Count on the experience and expertise of Brownsville attorney for all of your civil litigation needs.