Law Specialties

Brownsville attorneys have a unique mixture of local cases based on the industries and lifestyles of the south Texas area. For example, gas and oil field injuries are more common in Texas than in communities that are not home to these industries. Among the law specialties practiced by us are:

Workers Compensation
Brownsville attorneys who specialize in work related cases can help with a variety of workplace issues including:

  • Oil and gas field injuries
  • On-the-job injuries
  • OSHA issues
  • Workers comp claims

Product Liability Claims
Did you know that your injuries may not be the result of a simple accident? Defective or poorly designed products may be to blame! Brownsville attorneys can help you get to the source of your loss. Common product liability cases often involve: defective products, manufacturing equipment, household appliances, power tools, car parts, and even food. 

Transportation Claims
Whether you’ve been involved in a car, motorcycle, or commercial truck accident, having Brownsville attorneys on your side is smart. The other side will be hiring attorneys to protect their interests and so should you! Brownsville attorneys handle just about any motor vehicle accident including:

  • Big rig truck accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents

Civil Lawsuits
If you’re involved in civil litigation, count on professional Brownsville lawyers to represent your side of the case. We can handle all civil disputes including:

  • Small claims cases
  • Eminent domain cases
  • Property rights
  • Intellectual property
  • Collections
  • Contract disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Remodeling disputes
  • Partnership disputes

Water Accidents
Due to the bodies of water that make up the natural landscape of our community and the warm climate, Brownsville attorneys often see cases involving water accidents. We can help with a number of cases involving water accidents including:

  • Swimming accidents
  • Drowning accidents
  • Boating accidents

Each of these specialties requires the expertise of Brownsville attorneys who have worked on similar cases and are extremely knowledgeable in these areas of law. Here at, we work hard to ensure that your legal rights are fully represented. We are legal experts with a passion for justice and a willingness to serve. Contact us today to find out more about your legal options.