About Brownsville Attorneys

Affectionately known as “El Chupacabra,” the founder of BrownsvilleAttorneys.net has a strong record of aggressive legal service. Whether you believe in the legends and myths surrounding chupacabras or not, you can be sure that this Brownsville attorney is serious about serving the legal needs of his clients.

Having grown up in Brownsville, Texas, your attorney knows the hardships, turmoil, and challenges that area residents have struggled with over the years. A love of the Texas people coupled with a love of law culminated into a legal career that is firmly rooted in Brownsville. If you need help with any legal issue, you have found a Brownsville attorney who is dedicated to providing you with it.

We believe that successful legal representation begins with selecting the right attorney for the case. The right attorney must be knowledgeable in applicable case law, highly ethical, compassionate, aggressive, goal driven, results driven, and an excellent communicator.

Qualifications include:
Bachelor’s Degree, Government – University of Texas at Brownsville
Juris Doctor Degree, Law – University of Texas at Austin School of Law
BAR Card Number – 24051041

Here at the Brownsville Attorneys Web site, we also believe that the law degree is just the beginning. Continuing education, constant research, and extensive study into legal issues and federal and state law are all part of the job. Clients entrust their futures into the hands of their attorneys and it is up to us to ensure that we are worthy of that trust. You can count on our knowledge of the law, legal skills, competence in the courtroom, and dedication to serving your legal needs.