Swimming and Drowning Injuries

Texas, with its hot weather and beautiful bodies of water, suffers its share of drownings, near drownings, and swimming accidents. Children ages are often the victims of these tragic accidents with drowning being the number one cause of accidental death for one to five year olds and the number two cause of accidental death for one to fourteen year olds. Adults aren’t immune to drowning either.

Whether a swimming or drowning accident has occurred in a backyard swimming pool or a Texas waterway, legal options may exist. Brownsville attorneys are familiar with the conditions surrounding drownings, swimming accidents, boating accidents, and near drownings. If you or a loved one has suffered from one of these water-related accidents, let us evaluate your case for contributing factors. We will look for signs of negligence, failure to secure a pool, unsafe conditions, alcohol or drug use, and even product defects.

Pursuing legal action after a swimming, water, or drowning accident is a painful decision. It is also necessary when someone is liable for your loss. Not only is it important to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions or negligence, it is also important for dealing with the high expenses you are sure to incur. Non-fatal drowning incidents can lead to brain damage, comas, and long term disabilities, requiring costly care. Many drowning victims die, leaving behind survivors who must pay medical and funeral expenses while also dealing with their grief. 

Drownings and near-drownings can occur anywhere where water is present from a neighborhood swimming pool, community lake, ocean, or river to a bucket of water, bathtub, or even a puddle. Negligence can be as simple as forgetting to latch a gate or can involve errors in judgment. Drownings due to pool equipment failures can and do happen. When boats and jet skis are involved, other considerations including alcohol consumption could be at play. No matter where the accident occurred, and whether or not other parties where present, unsafe conditions, malfunctioning equipment, and negligence may be to blame. Put the experience of Brownsville attorneys to work for you. We will work compassionately to uncover the cause of the tragedy and explore legal options.

We serve the legal needs of residents residing in south Texas and Cameron County communities including: Brownsville, South Padre Island, San Benito, McAllen, Port Isabel, and Harlingen. Contact us to discuss your swimming or water accident.