Big Rig Accidents

Big rigs and commercial trucking accidents can involve any number of truck types including: garbage trucks, cement mixers, tractor trailers, semis, tow trucks, utility trucks, buses, and even commercial fleet service trucks. Big rig and commercial trucking accidents have different legal issues surrounding them than motor vehicle accidents involving personal vehicles. For starters, injuries involving big rigs, jack-knifed trucks, ride-under truck accidents, head-ons with a big rig, and rollovers don’t tend to be minor. After all, we’re talking about massive vehicles, often carrying heavy or flammable loads. If you’ve been injured or if a loved one has been killed in a big rig accident, you need an expert on your side. In addition to the injuries, damages caused by big rig trucking accidents often result in total losses.

Beyond the scope and damage of trucking accidents, commercial trucking companies are running businesses that they must protect from financial devastation. You can bet that these commercial companies will spare no expense to protect their side of the case and will hire the finest attorneys to fight any resulting lawsuit.

When it comes to big rig accidents, you deserve the finest Brownsville attorneys as well. Contact us ASAP! Accidents involving commercial trucks involve complex laws and regulations on both the state as well as the federal level. Interstate violations may be involved. In addition, big rig accidents have unique investigative and evidence gathering techniques to determine the cause of the accident. Make sure to seek the help of a legal expert who is knowledgeable in commercial truck accidents as soon as possible. We can even come to your hospital room and consult with you there.

By having Brownsville attorneys on your side from the get-go, you are less likely to be taken advantage of or intimidated by the other side. Let us evaluate your big rig or commercial truck accident case, regardless of whether or not you are injured, to ensure that your legal rights are adequately protected and that the truck driver has not violated commercial and interstate trucking regulations.

Before you do anything, contact us. In the meantime, do not talk to the other side, its attorney, or its insurance company – and by all means, do not make a statement until you have been advised by legal counsel. We are Brownsville attorneys who understand the intricacies involved in commercial truck accidents. We are aggressive and skilled at standing up to the trucking companies and their lawyers; we know how to investigate truck accidents; and we are extremely knowledgeable about the federal, state, and interstate laws and regulations governing commercial trucking. We can help!